Precious metals

Many currencies are backed by gold; at the same time, it has provided an alternative to paper money for thousands of years. This results in inflation protection and also risk compensation for crises. The fact that raw materials are limited and mining is becoming more expensive is also a factor for long-term value retention of precious metals.

Technology metals

Unlike precious metals, the value of technology metals arises from their use in the economy, such as indium, which is used for smartphone displays; germanium, which is needed for infrared technology and sensors; rhenium, which is needed in aircraft construction. Demand is increasing due to technologization while raw materials are becoming scarce due to finite resources.

Watch portfolios

Watches are not only a beautiful hobby, but can also be a lucrative investment. Depending on the brand and model, there are opportunities for high development potential. This arises on the one hand from trends in the market, but also from fundamentally rising purchase prices. Just think: A Rolex Daytona once cost 1200 USD.

Crypto market

At the latest since 2020, crypto investments and blockchain technologies in general are an established factor in the financial market Due to enormous growth potential in the technology sector, as well as the possibilities of digital payments, a balanced, long-term portfolio in the crypto market is recommendable.

Renewable Energies

Green is the future of energy supply. With increasing demand during coming decades, there are opportunities for investors. The opportunities are diverse and include solar farms, wind turbines or PV plants.

Fund management

Unlike conventional investments in shares or ETFs, fund management actively regulates the distribution of the portfolio. Although the manager costs more than a passive index funds - the results usually speak for themselves. By reacting quickly to the market, it is possible to respond flexibly and effectively to changes and trends. The effort of own research is thus spared.